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The LGBTQ + Massimadi Afro Film and Arts Festival Online until March 12th, totally free. Committed documentaries, enlightening short films, engaging musicals and thirteenth season programming, echoing the powerful events of 2020, are more than ever under the sign of resistance. Multiple movie evenings in perspective, popcorn and high fist.

Since 2009, the festival Meximade It is one of the primary activities that are presented during Black historical month. An event specializing in the influence of culture anomaly Afro through cinema and the arts, it offers a very complete program between sharing and entertainment.

Diversity of resistance

What can we see there? Around thirty films and short films pay homage to each of the LGBTQ + initials. But also all the forms that resistance can take.

In the musical sir , The main character, Georgi, gives himself all the means to participate in the “Monsieur Pas-de-Calais” competition, where the idol will be present for his life. He is doing this for himself and his dream of shining a spotlight, but also to represent a part of the population with little light; In his case, it is the black, gay and overweight men who he says “have a lot to say”. Method to resist the established rule.

sir By Thomas Ducastille 2019 France

Sometimes you just need to be yourself to rebel. This is the feeling that emanates from the Brazilian short film. Kind of trains. Three girlfriends (lesbians, transsexuals, and anomalyThey spend a festive night in their city. The scenes of dance and humor are punctuated by insults from bystanders or arbitrary arrests by the police – situations that the film’s protagonists seem to have at least adapted to, if not accustomed to. In a modern, quirky, and funny style, this movie highlights the daily struggle of some people in the LGBTQ + community.

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Kind of trains By Asaf Lucas 2019 Brazil

Huge personal crush for … Inquiry Written by Ryan Farhoody. Nine minutes of smart, funny conversations between two lifelong friends who question heterosexual relationships. How do you resist temptation?

Inquiry By Ryan Farhoody USA 2020

The selection of 2021 is so rich and diverse that it is difficult to summarize. It may be noted, however, that no Canadian films have been shown. Note that the festival regrets it, but it explains the simple fact that there is no local LGBTQ content. With this event and their establishment bearing their name, Meximade He hopes to encourage local content creators so that more Canadian and Quebec works will get into programming in the coming seasons.

I love your movies anomaly Afro

This 100% virtual version was the perfect opportunity for the festival to launch it Masemathic. This unique online platform aims to be an art promotion tool anomaly The Afro in Canada and La Francophonie. Like the database, there will be film files shown at the festival since 2009 and soon the various means of presenting these works. A true archival work.

For now, you can find all 2021 programs on this platform absolutely for free! So run, or rather surf

* Many virtual activities are organized under the Massimadi framework. Art therapy sessions (every Thursday from 6 pm until March 18), round tables, discussions with the public or the exhibition that Negra Juventa is presenting at the exhibition Never far away (Find article on this topic).

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