Audio notation. Closer to T. Rex

12 m long 4 m 5 tons. TMeasurements were the envy of the female King of Tyrasonnaurus. On episode 64, Sixième Science, a podcast Science and the future And 20 minutes It invites you to learn more about this extraordinary animal by diving into the numerous ongoing international studies devoted to this extinct species that was discovered in 1905.

In the privacy of T. rex

At the microphone, not only dinosaurs were reanimated or cloned but two journalists, Joel Ignace, a journalist specializing in palaeontology at Science and the future And Roman Clomis from 20 minutes. Both comment here for example on a British study published in April 2021 in the journal Royal Society of Open Science Which determined that their movement speed in the end wasn’t amazing. In fact, the T. rex could not move easily, very heavy and bulky, and had to choose lookout hunting in order to be able to catch potential prey in its powerful jaws.

Do you also know what the overwhelming power of the latter is? Very precisely 30 tons per cm2 According to the calculation of American scientists. Other evidence suggests that their existence was not as lonely as one might think, and that they lived – and no doubt hunted – in small groups since bones of several species were found in the same places.

If you’re passionate about the topic, find Joël Ignasse’s full article on these amazing dinosaurs. You can also Dive into the world of Sixième Science archives available or even Subscription Free.

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