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Belarus has developed its own version of the Wagnerians, and they can be used in combat operations

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Guard Service terminated a number of employees and its workers while driving, Valerig Sachayk said, only in the Belarusian government-in-exile to appoint leader Svyatlana Chechanousek in charge of defense and national security.

Sachaik said that GardServis personnel are trained to take part in combat operations and conduct drills in several Belarusian exercises.

I know that the officers of the 5th brigade of the Belarusian special forces stationed in Margin Horka in the Minsk region are training GardServis employees. In addition, the company acquired the warehouse of the recently opened private training center Dynamo, where preparations are also being intensively carried out, Sachaik told a German broadcaster. German wave (DW).

Sachaek noted that leaving GardServis for the time being did not affect him more than the press. Knee and recruit operated for several months. The minister-in-exile stated that the staff was supplemented by officers, sergeants, sergeants and soldiers who served in the special operations forces and special forces of law enforcement agencies in Beloruska.

Sachaik believes that GardServis employees can be used in sabotage groups, reconnaissance, etc. in many operations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has invested a lot in the company, thus creating a Belarusian version of the Wagner family, he declared, referring to the old army run by Russian billionaire Yevgeny Prigogine.

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Think Ukrainian justice Well, an anonymous GardServis employee stated last year that during September and August, guys from the Wagner Group traveled to Minsk to overthrow employees of the organization. The source claimed at the time that the company owed some five hundred people, to whom the leader had promised future service trips, Bebot’s salary and 90,000 crowns in wages.

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According to DW, GardServis in particular was created in April 2020, and Lukaenko authorized its employees by presidential decree to carry, store and use service and civilian weapons, as well as use service material in the manner prescribed by the Paramilitary Security Code. GardServis is very rugged. Only people from outside the station will get there.

According to the newspaper Al-Kasj Karbak z Bloruskho Investigation Center The GardServis company was created on the shares of the private company Globalcustom-management, the co-owner of which was the wife of Viktor Igeman, then the head of the Presidential Office of Lukaenko.

Before the presidential elections, there was a special need for a special structure in case Lukaenko’s situation did not develop in time. Karpic said the company has recruited veterans from various law enforcement agencies.

According to DW, the security company received a special training center after its establishment, where special units from Belarus and other countries, including Africa and South America, were trained.

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