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You are not in the trenches with them, cut off the Russian conscript. He was awarded the pt and pl of the year

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A group of Russians mobilized to practice in the Eastern Military District is training on Sakhalin. (January 12, 2022)
| Photo: Profimedia.cz

In the joint video filmed on November 13, it can be seen how a recruit named Alexander Lykov attacked and pushed Lieutenant Colonel Denis Mazanov in a field near Moscow.

You are sabotaging the commander-in-chief’s order to collect and train the massed troops, Lykov accused his commander. They should close on you, add.

When the commander came, cut him off. Lykov then blows a puff of his electronic cigarette in the officer’s face. You’re not the one who has to sit with them in the trenches, another recruit.

The military court near Moscow decided that Lykov, by his actions, had prompted his commander to do his military service. In an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper shortly after the incident, the soldier complained that the commander of his two bureaus had repeatedly ignored him. Lykov believes that it is right that the hunter must suffer for the truth.

Putin promised that there would be no D. mobilization

The Kremlin’s decision to announce the world’s first general mobilization of wolves caused chaos and anger across the country. Many recruits thought they should be sent to Ukraine, but there was no corresponding training.

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Since the beginning of summer, resistance against the Russian military leader has escalated after a number of Russian conscripts were killed in Makezhevka, Donsk region, on New Year’s Eve during a missile attack led by Kyiv. In order to suppress the disapproval of recruits and their relatives, the Russian army adopted a number of laws and regulations that increased the penalties for desertion and disobedience.

They were rained down with artillery and missiles. We killed a hundred Russians at Solidar towards Kyiv

They made a little splash at first about the fact that Russian wolves were toiling in illegal cellars at the entrance to Ukraine. Recently, the BBC news station discovered that at least 26 servicemen were killed in basements in Russian-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine for refusing to fight.

Russia has repeatedly denied that it was preparing for a second wave of mobilization. Last month, Putin announced that it was not necessary to talk about new concession orders.

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