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Big Dreams for Little Theater Lake Prom

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“Although it’s a small place, I never put up barriers. I dream big, telling myself, If we don’t try, we don’t know! Théâtre Lac-Brome’s new artistic director, Anne Dube, says with conviction. In her position since February 1, she has expressed Already wanting to see this regional broadcaster recognized.” When people talk about a release, I want Théâtre Lac-Brome to be part of the discussions. »

Anne Dube directed the Betty Champlain Theater in Quebec City for six years. She recently left her job to be closer to her husband, Big decision in life! According to the person who has been in broadcasting for 23 years. Moreover, the two theaters have several points in common.

It’s kind of the same vibrations From Théâtre Petit-Champlain. It’s a small place, it’s a beautiful story, it’s in a great place, it’s very touristy in the summer, so for me it was kind of a continuity. And I continue to do what I love the most, which is artistic directionas you say.

The Lac-Brome Theater has 160 seats. Anne Dube noticed it long ago, as the smallest rooms allow the audience to live a unique and intimate experience, light years away from a show being presented in front of thousands of spectators.

First round of strength with Joan

Her tenure began with The Gowan Show, which sold out a few hours after her arrival was announced. The artist begins his short tour of Quebec in Istres.

We have a communications business. These are business relationships that have lasted for a long time. When we have good relationships, we make calls; Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes I have to ask multiple times! The director declares very proud of her coup.

New director Anne Dube

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Mills

The great challenge of a bilingual community

Getting to know the audience in the small auditorium is one of Anne Dube’s short-term challenges. Because the community in the region is bilingual.

It will be my first term of caution. I respond to both the French speaking community as well as the English speaking community. »

Quote from Anne Dube, director of the Luck-Broom Theater

When Anne Dube was asked about the most difficult part of her career, she hesitated for a long time before answering. We have the opportunity to do a truly exceptional job, a work of passion. She ended up adding that the hardest thing was getting people to come and watch a show, especially if they didn’t know the artist. to trust us. The artists we bring to our theaters are artists worth discovering.

A more comprehensive program should see the light of day soon. Until then, a few famous artists have been announced, including Harry Manx and Angel Forrest.

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