Bromont Racecourse construction is going well

According to Jacques Lapensi, the building’s steel frame will be built next spring. If all goes as planned, rink activities could begin in September 2022.

It started at the beginning of April. There are no site delays and no cost overruns, which is still important.

Quote from:Jacques Lapenst, City Councilor of Bromont

In addition to the cycling track, the majestic complex will include training rooms, several offices, a trampoline place as well as a BMX place. Cycling will also be in the spotlight. It will be the only indoor place in town where athletes in this discipline can train.

The velodrome project is valued at $20 million by the municipality. The fundraising campaign is in full swing now.

We are there. About $1 million still needs to be raised to complete the fundraiser.

Quote from:Jacques Lapenst, City Councilor of Bromont

In addition, as planned, the municipality will restore the parts that make up the first version of the centre, in 2001.

All parts we have had since 2001 are still in perfect condition, and they are all numbered. We can’t afford to be wrong when we put it all togetherJacques Lapenst confirms.

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