Budget leaves small and medium businesses in Eastern Quebec unsatisfied

many of small and medium company It is expected to receive more investment from the government to deal with the impact of inflation and labor shortages.

With inflation, businesses in eastern Quebec must raise wages to remain competitive and attract workers.

Hiring foreign workers is one way to make up for the staff shortage.

The government is also allocating $290 million over five years to promote job integration for immigrants.

On the North Shore, Jessica Biel, general manager of the Sept-Ile-Ochat Mac Manny-Outnam Chamber of Commerce, considered that not enough.

We would have liked to see more action taken on immigration, in our opinion that is what will help us here on the North Shore to fill this labor shortage.says Mrs. Pelisle.

Chamber of Commerce of Sept-Ile Ochat Mac Manny-Outnam, Jessica Pelissell,

Jessica Pelissell, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce at Sept-Ile-Ochat Mac Manny-Outnam (Archives).

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Antoine Mago

The same story in the Chamber of Commerce Kamuraska Lisleit. General Director Nancy Dube considers that Quebec’s budget does not contain It’s not about a shortage of labour.

There is nothing about immigration, nor in reducing delays. I have a contractor who took me and told me he was obligated to refuse contracts. It costs him $12,000 every time he wants to bring an immigrant into his business. Do not feel escorted [par Québec]says Mrs. Dobby.

Nancy Dobby

Nancy Dube, director of the Chamber of Commerce of Kamuraska Lisleit (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

In Matane, JMN Electric Companies General Manager Johanne Deschênes said companies like hers are suffering the consequences of shortages and delays in the supply chain.

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The entrepreneur is the one who absorbs the financial implications and sometimes the penalties. When the necessary parts do not arrive, we cannot deliver our site on time. If the government can help entrepreneurs turn the wheel, it will help us a lotMrs. Dechen explains.

Entrepreneur Matanez notes that she expects more in the budget to reach a qualified workforce quickly.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) asserts that the government has not responded to their demands.

In a summary uploaded last October by Canadian Federation of Independent BusinessMore than half small and medium company Consultation called to reduce the tax burden.

The small and medium company He also called for lowering electricity prices, another measure not included in the budget.

Inflation does not only affect citizens. most of the small and medium company See the cost increase in their items. Quebec government has [d’ailleurs] Electricity controlThe Director of Provincial Affairs notes in Canadian Federation of Independent BusinessFrancis Biroby.

Eastern Quebec entrepreneurs are waiting for budget credit studies to see the true effects of this budget on them.

With information from Camille Lacroix Villeneuve and Fabian Terkefs

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