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Even if he’s already walked the Oscars red carpet a few times in the past, Quebec producer Roger Frapper doesn’t stay put two days before the big night. And we can easily understand why: the drama dog powerwhich he co-produced, could win several major awards, including best film.

At the end of the line from Los Angeles, Roger Faber said he was very happy to have the opportunity to experience an Oscar race as exciting as the Oscar race. dog power.

Since January, the drama has been directed by director Jane Campion (piano lesson) received the highest honors at the majority of pre-Oscars (Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Critics’ Choice Awards…), as well as at award ceremonies organized by the American trade unions. dog power It is also the film with the most Academy Award nominations this year, with 12.

Roger Faber said in an interview with Newspaper.

“I am very happy to be able to experience this and to have the opportunity to work with Jane Campion. She has become a great friend. What we are especially pleased with is that the members of the Academy have recognized the qualities of the film at all levels. We were nominated for Best Picture and Best Director, but are being Also nominated for the 4 Actors, such as Music, Editing, Cinematography, and Art Direction. Whatever happens on Sunday night, it’s a huge success and we’ll celebrate strong after the party.”

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Who says Oscars, says parties. For the past week, Roger Frapper has been invited to events every night to celebrate the nominations dog power. On Wednesday evening, the 76-year-old producer attended the Oscar Academy’s Nominees Dinner, of which he has also been a member since 1992. Last night, he was invited to an evening in honor of the Canadian nominees at the Academy Awards. Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles. There are other events on the show tonight and tomorrow, before Big Sunday.

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“This is very beautiful. Moreover, the weather is great this week in Los Angeles,” he adds with a laugh.

To be able to be present on all of these evenings, Roger Frapper has to undergo very strict anti-COVID protocols. He must test himself every day and send results and evidence of his vaccination to the organizers of every event he attends.

product notes Great Seduction And the Decline of the American Empire.

For example, for the Netflix party after the Critics’ Choice Awards [il y a deux semaines], we should have sent all our tests and evidence of our vaccine a few hours ago. Then we were sent a blue or green ticket. With the Blue Ticket, you can’t go back. And with green, you can go. Everyone is super anxious because no one wants COVID to spoil the party. »

94And the The Oscars will be held on Sunday evening in Hollywood.

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