Canada Day | Les Trois Accords, Guylaine Tanguay and FouKi in a virtual show

Several artists are expected to participate in the virtual Canada Day programme, which is broadcast Thursday on ICI-Canada Radio, CBC and YouTube. FouKi, Les Trois Accords, Véronic DiCaire, Guylaine Tanguay, Mélissa Bédard and Beyries are programming in particular.

Marisa Grogue جرو

Marisa Grogue جرو

As the #CancelCanadaDay movement, led by Indigenous activists and their allies, is gaining momentum, it will hold rallies across the country Several municipalities have abandoned 1he is July.

For the second year in a row, due to the pandemic, the grand show organized by the Government of Canada will be presented in virtual form.

Presentation on Thursday evening. Canada Day Lights, for two hours and will feature artists and artisans from all Canadian provinces and territories. Julie Black and Veronique Decayer will co-host the televised evening.

Also on the bill are Johnny Orlando, Naya Ali, Melissa Bedard, JB Sachs, Jay Scott, Tyler Shaw, Jessia, Albert Dumont, and many more.

At 10 p.m., the augmented reality display of the fireworks will be broadcast for mobile devices. Simply point your phone or tablet at the sky to watch the virtual fireworks display.

Many activities will also take place, in front of the public or online, in many cities in Quebec and Canada. However, the municipalities decided to cancel the 1 . celebrationshe is July to support Aboriginal communities, after graves of Aboriginal children were discovered in the outskirts of former boarding schools in recent weeks.

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