Canada donates $ 200,000 to the Duke of Edinburgh International Prize

The Canadian government donates $ 200,000 to the Duke of Edinburgh International Prize (Canada).

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took advantage of the funeral ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, who created the award, on Saturday to announce it. The man, who was the Duke of Edinburgh, died on April 9 at the age of 99 in Windsor Castle. It was going to be celebrating its 100th anniversarye His birthday is on June 10th.

“In order to honor Prince Philip and his commitment to the success of future generations, I announce that Canada will donate $ 200,000 to the Duke of Edinburgh International Prize (Canada),” said Mr. Trudeau in a press release. Since 1963, this award has helped more than 500,000 young Canadians gain valuable skills and experience, and become leaders today and tomorrow. It changed the future of many Canadians, but also the future of many communities from coast to coast. “

Mr. Trudeau appealed to young people to find out about the Duke of Edinburgh International Prize.

“Whether you want to develop a new skill, give back to your community or go on an adventure, this program is a personal challenge as much as it is an open door to the world,” he concluded.

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