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Vanuatu in 3D

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Women in Vanuatu are the ones who prepare the cuddles (A new window)It is the national dish made with yam milk, cassava and coconut cooked in an oven dug into the ground and then topped with banana leaves and hot stones.

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The roll is cooked in an oven that is dug into the ground.Photo: Radio Canada / Ackley Ait Abdullah

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The roll after cooking, took it out of the oven and dug into the ground.Photo: Radio Canada / Ackley Ait Abdullah

These are also the women who know how to make the clear Pacific waters sing, in applause and arms that tell their story, their lives, and their destiny. The tradition born in the banks was transferred to the island of Santo thanks to Cecilia and her troops.

We’ve placed our microphones in the center of the semicircle these mics create, to enhance the immersive effect.

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In Santo, the team records in 3D the women making the water sing.Photo: Radio Canada / Ackley Ait Abdullah

To listen: Water Music for Women

On the southern island of Tana, the disciples of John Fromm, the last prophet of the shipping cult, stepped in (A new window)We picked up.

To hear: John Fromm’s Parade

Armed with bamboo trees disguised as rifles, men in green coats march through the village square, before raising the huge American flag they are ready to mobilize for.

A unique sight for the few foreigners present, witnessing the unlikely meeting of two worlds at opposite ends of the other, as the perfect America comes to the rescue of a village crowded in the Melanesia jungle, under the gaze of the volcano. .

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The caldera offers a view of the Yasur River.Photo: Radio Canada / Michelle Montroy

To hear: a bridging volcano erupting and shaking

In Tana, it has been like this for centuries. Neither a day, an hour, or a minute without Al-Yasur secreting its particles, breath, and lightnings.

Standing in the fog that coats the crater, we are privileged to be at the forefront of an eternal word, celebrating it, in the familiar sound of its waves, with the songs and dances of the Imayo women.

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Dances and songs about Sebastian.Photo: Radio Canada / Michelle Montroy

to me Listen: Emio women songs

We left this flight with about 76 hours of audio in our recorders. The sound of the sea, the hum of the bush, the sound of kava pouring in the evening, the squash of sickle chopping the coconut. Then there are also long interviews that tell about Vanuatu in Marcel’s wisdom, Florence’s rage, Judas’s fear, Alice’s sorrow, Nadine’s gentle rebellion, Miriam’s commitment, and the nobility of Anna and Whitley’s laughter.

They and they, the true soloists of this symphonic journey, invite you to listen to them.

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The team made up of men from the village of Lamacara on the island of Tana.Photo: Albia Wat

The Ait Abdellah report, Michel Montroy, Sebastian Hebel and Daniel Martineau will be broadcast on Desautels on Sunday It’s 10 am at ICI Première. An extended version of this 3D audio report is also available on OHdio (put it on headphones to enjoy the full experience).

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