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How to check Perfect Gift Card Balance: Two simple methods

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The concept of gift cards as a convenient, fail-safe, and well-appreciated present has fundamentally redefined gift-giving in the 21st century. However, a critical aspect associated with maintaining and using gift cards, often overlooked, is the art of maintaining and checking the balance. From a financial perspective, it’s paramount to understand the intricate details involved in performing a perfect gift card balance check.

The dawn of the gift card era can be traced back to the mid-1990s. Businesses recognized the power of these pocket-sized plastic tools as a lucrative means to maintain customer loyalty and increase overall sales. Fast forward to today, and we find that gift cards are a multi-billion-dollar industry, with e-gift cards gaining ground on their physical counterparts at a steady pace.

Regardless of their form, all gift cards function in the same manner – they have a preloaded balance that can be redeemed for purchases at specific outlets or for a variety of products and services. Herein lies the significance of the perfect balance check, a term that we will unpack in the course of this article.

How to check Perfect Gift Card Balance

  • Visit the perfect gift card balance page.
  • Once entered there fill in the required details such as your 16 digit card number and cvv to check your balance easily.
  • Now you can view your perfect gift card balance

Tips to remember

Gift cards can make shopping easier, but understanding the dos and don’ts associated with their use is crucial. If you’re using a gift card, especially one for universal use, you should be aware of some typical restrictions and practices, including pre-authorization holds and certain prohibited uses.

Firstly, gift cards generally come with a set of restrictions on their use. For example, some gift cards may be unusable for purchases outside of the United States, or for money transfers through platforms like Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal. Using these cards at ATMs, for purchasing other gift cards (except for Amazon, online only), gambling, dating services, adult entertainment, subscriptions or bill payments, and for any purchases that exceed the card’s available balance are also typically prohibited.

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Additionally, when using your gift card at gas stations, it’s advisable to pay the cashier inside and specify the exact amount you wish to spend. Swiping your card at the pump can lead to the merchant authorizing the card for a significantly higher amount, often between $100 to $200. Such pre-authorization holds usually expire in about 4 days, and the funds become available again on your card automatically.

A similar principle applies when using your gift card at restaurants, salons, and food delivery services. Merchants typically authorize an additional 20% over your bill to account for potential gratuity. So, if your meal costs $63, the card will be swiped for $75.60 (including the extra 20% or $12.60). If this amount exceeds your card balance, the transaction will be declined. However, if a tip isn’t added or paid with another form of payment, the extra $12.60 will be returned to your card’s balance within 5-7 business days.

In short, using a gift card comes with some important considerations. Understanding the card’s limitations and the common practice of pre-authorization holds can help ensure a smoother shopping experience and prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Overcoming the Challenges of Gift Card Balance Checks

Despite the obvious benefits, consumers

often face hurdles in performing the perfect gift card balance check due to varying retailer policies or technological limitations.

1. Lack of Uniformity in Balance Check Methods

Each retailer may have different methods for checking the balance of their gift cards. Some offer online checks, some through their apps, and some require a store visit. This lack of uniformity can create confusion, leading to sub-optimal utilization of gift cards.

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2. Technological Limitations

Not all consumers are tech-savvy, and some might face difficulties navigating online platforms or apps to check their balances. Retailers must work towards making their platforms more user-friendly and accessible to all age groups.

3. Inadequate Consumer Awareness

Many consumers are simply unaware of the need for regular balance checks or the methods to do so. Herein lies a responsibility for retailers and financial educators to increase consumer awareness about the importance and process of balance checks.


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In conclusion, the perfect gift card balance check is more than a task to tick off your to-do list. It’s a financial habit that promotes efficient and conscious spending, aids in financial planning, stimulates economic activity, and ensures you’re extracting maximum value from your gift cards. As we continue to embrace this cashless form of gifting and spending, it’s crucial to understand and implement the art of the perfect gift card balance check.

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