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This sci-fi film was a flop before it became popular thanks to its 5-hour version!

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If you're the type of person who doesn't really like to watch Long movies And the long version of Lord of the Rings is your worst nightmare, not even close to the movie we're talking about today. Become a cult After releasing a 5-hour version of the original work A little special.

A 20-hour movie cut down to just a few hours for cinema?

For its time, this film cost a lot of money, made no money, and yet it used very famous actors. We are of course talking aboutUntil the end of the world“Also known to us as”Until the end of the world“, produced by the famous Wim Wenders.

In casting we find, for example William Hurt Who starred in films Avengers or Sam Neill to Jurassic Park And even the above von Sydow to minority a report.

However, with a budget of $23 million, Wenders thought this movie was too big, too big. The movie always ended 20 hourswhich is too long for publishers who clearly refused to release it in theaters.

Then the film was reduced 179 minutes to Europe And 158 to United State, Europe was entitled to a reward, but it was far from the original work.

As we told you, the movie It costs more than 23 million To produce. The only problem is, the results were not there at all, which resulted in generating almost as much $700,000 To the office box.

The huge failure, which followed many scams, has become a cult for fans of the genre.

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Multiple versions of a very special cult film?

The movie has Floundering In the movies, okay. However, for Wenders, this was not the end, but in fact it was not. The director A The “secret” version. Of the film by collecting the negatives from the original, we end up with 5 hour version.

This is much fuller than what was released in cinema, and has succeeded in attracting many fans.

Unfortunately, this is not the film that was released in theaters 91, Perhaps the reception of the film will be much different these days, as feature films have become more common.

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