Chromium pollution: Other Ontario lakes affected

Porcupine, Caland Pit, Pearl Lakes, and Cataraqui River were all re-evaluated in 2021 due to concerns about contamination associated with the method of fish sampling.

The new data shows a sharp decrease in the presence of chromium in fish in these water bodies compared to the last samples taken in 2019.

Lakes Mississippi, Golden, and Woods have also been sampled for the same reason, but the Ontario Department of Environment, Conservation and Parks is still waiting to analyze the data.

Lake Forest, near Kenora, could also see that its chromium concentration was adjusted after the analysis of the new samples.

Photo: Radio Canada / Miguel Lachance

The ministry confirms that the contamination is from a mill blade used to prepare tissue samples for analysis.

The new samples were taken using a process that prevents this type of contamination.

The ministry notes that it has conducted a new analysis of 2,588 lakes affected by restrictions on fish consumption in order to ensure the integrity of their data.

In all, 54 lakes have a pollution rate that can predict the pollution associated with the use of this mill.

Shows that environmental regulations are working

For Jill Besson, MPP at Timmins, this good news for fishermen in the area is a sign that environmental standards are working.

It shows that environmental regulations that have been in place for years to try to reduce these pollutants from entering our lakes and rivers are starting to work. »

Quote from Jill Besson, Member of Parliament for Timmins

Sorry for calls to reduce these regulations From the swearing who say it’s bad for business.

Opposition, Rep. Jill Besson, National Democratic Party.

Deputy Jill Besson

Photo: Radio Canada / Mateo Garcia Tremblay

Mr. Besson points out thatThere are still problems at Porcupine Lake, especially with the Timmins, but we are working with them and there is still good news..

If he’s lucky enough to be able to fish in the lake near his home in Lake Camiscotea and not fish in Porcupine and Pearl Lakes, he says, other fishermen in the area will benefit.

Gerald Hamilton, who crossed Friday morning on Lake Porcupine, is happy to see another sign that their lake is improving.

A man tries to dig a hole in Lake Porcupine.

Gerald Hamilton is about to make a fishing hole in Lake Porcupine.

Photo: Radio Canada/Jimmy Chabot

I’ve been fishing here since I was 12 and we always take our precautions because we always suspect the lake was polluted because it’s close to a mineHe says.

If he doesn’t eat many of the fish he catches in the lake, he thinks that’s good news for whoever does.

The residents of Al-Ain are in good health

Paul Ethier, a local fishing enthusiast with a particular interest in Lake Porcupine, is not surprised by this indication of lake restoration.

Paul Etier wearing a blue jacket holding a goldfish in his hands.

Paul Etherear caught several light gray animals on Lake Porcupine in the summer of 2021.

Image source: Paul Ethier

I had the opportunity to catch light-eyed fish in Porcupine Lake for the first time this summer and I will tell you that when I saw this fish, I wondered about the appropriateness of the consumption advice. »

Quote from Paul Ether

Mr. Ethier claims to have seen Fish is healthy and in large quantitiesclaiming that It is still important to follow the advice of biologists beyond the appearance of fish.

He adds that He is happy to see the new specimens, but he hopes the public will continue to follow the instructions regarding respecting Porcupine Lake.

With information from Jimmy Chabot

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