Gran Turismo 7: Unable to play due to patch 1.07.1

Since yesterday GT7 is completely inaccessible, mandatory connection error and servers down due to an issue with patch 1.07.

Yesterday we were talking to you From patch 1.07, which angered players with its modifications that force excessive effortSo much so that some people see it Non-glamorous way to pay microtransactions purchase. But as if that wasn’t enough, patch 1.07 Servers completely destroyedwhich simply makes the game unplayable at the moment, which raises another issue: login required.

Patch 1.07, a catastrophic failure?

For more than 24 hours, it is already impossible to run Gran Turismo 7 PS5 and PS4. A hidden bug in patch 1.07 forced Polyphony Digital to extend its maintenance period. The studio also split yesterday’s tweet at the end of the day to report continuing concern.

The problem is that since then, the calm has been deadly and The game is still unreachable, as an internet connection and game servers are required to play, even if it’s solo.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the reactions of society are salty to say the least, while among the competitors, GRID LegendsWe laugh a little.

GRIDLegends is a video game with cars that you can play right now.

So it will still be necessary to be patient before you can suppress the circles. Polyphony Digital is working hard to solve the problem, and it shouldn’t normally take long.

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