Clubhouse has crossed the million mark for its Android app

(Ecofin Agency) – The Clubhouse app launched its Android version in early May 2021 to open its platform to more people, and was able to reach 1 million users with this new version.

For a few weeks now, Clubhouse has been talking about developing its Android version because the number of downloads on its iOS version has been declining. On May 9, 2021, the app announced the release of an Android version and two weeks later it scored 1 million users. That’s good news, given its 2 million users on its iOS version. This number could be higher if the invitation feature is lifted as millions of people download the app but not fully use the app yet.

This invitation mode prompts users to get used to Clubhouse competitors such as Twitter Spaces who are advancing with new features. The user retention battle can be played out at the creator monetization level because Clubhouse is also announcing sending and receiving payments on its iOS version, and in the coming weeks, via its Android version.

Shigo Camdim

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