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COVID-19: Soon a nasal spray vaccine?

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Studies – Seven vaccines against Covid-19 in the form of a nasal spray, and therefore do not require injections, are currently in clinical trials worldwide. According to Science, their first results are promising.

The Covid-19 vaccines currently in use around the world, whether messenger RNA or not, American, Chinese or Russian, have in common that they all require intramuscular injection. In other words: a sting in the arm. This sting that is afraid of those who fear needles, can it be replaced in the future in another way? Of the hundred vaccines against Covid currently in clinical trials, seven, in phase I clinical trials, are delivered intranasally, according to an article published a few days ago in the journal. Sciences, monitored daily Latest news from Alsace.

No more injections: These vaccines, which were developed in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, or Cuba, are given as a spray. A method that advances many interests, according to article Sciences.

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COVID-19: The Vaccination Challenge

The nose is one of the main entry points for the virus into the body, so a nasal spray will help fight the virus as quickly as possible. The first results obtained show a strong immune response at the site of the spray, thanks to the presence of antibodies directly in the nose. As mentioned Latest news from Alsace, these antibodies will not only speed up recovery, but attack the virus once it reaches the body and thus reduce the replication of the virus, but also prevent infection in some cases

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A way to ‘boost’ intramuscular vaccinations?

However, intranasal vaccines have the disadvantage, again according to the first tests, in providing immunity to Covid-19 that is shorter than that caused by the “classic” or intramuscular vaccination. “Nasal vaccines may need to balance the target of localized respiratory immunity with the longevity of systemic immunity“, wrote the authors of the article published in the journal Science. Suggesting the combination of intramuscular and intranasal inoculation to achieve maximum efficiency, the latter is also able to servebooster” the first.

At the beginning of June, is an article in the magazine nature already mentioned Encouraging results in miceThe use of a nasal spray reduced the presence of the virus after only two days.

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In France, the University of Tours-INRAE ​​has been working since last summer on the nasal spray. The ease of its injection will make it possible to vaccinate the largest number of people in the case of marketing.

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