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Les Petits Dbrouillards is an association that offers the public the opportunity to have fun by experiencing challenges and experiments with different creatures in our environment.

During this first week of school vacation in Chtellerault, every afternoon from 2pm, two skilled animators cycle from neighborhood to neighborhood and invite kids—primarily 8 to 14—to join them for free sessions.

Chteauneuf, city center
And ozone on Friday

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Pierre Emmanuel Salles and Stefan Cormier set up their travel workshop towards the lake and the gym. They took out their magic bag (almost) and unloaded their moving gear: string cups, mini bicycle wheel, water bottles, straws, message clips, inflatable balloons, cooking salt….
Lifting floating objects in a water bottle, holding a wheel vertically with a string, making salt dance on the skin of a balloon… are examples of the challenges presented to the participants.
Each time, the animators take the opportunity to explain how it works; The principles and laws of physics have been known for centuries but are still thunderclaps.
The animation stops on Wednesday 27 October Chteauneuf (Herriot school yard, Alexis-Danan square and skatepark), then tomorrow Thursday in the city center (Sainte-Catherine, Loft cinmas and Place Franois-Mitterrand tours) and finally Friday Ozon (social) – the cultural center Charles Bowie Tower, Mile Georgette Stadium).
Next week, Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 November, as part of the National Science Tour program, the Petits Dbrouillards will return to Chtellerault with their lab truck named Robert the Utility.

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