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Debut album by musician David Lovelish

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The three songs on the album Every day, son We talk about parents and family. And the father talks especially about filiation on this little album. It is a tribute to some extent to my past; To have the opportunity to grow in such a family, and to meet extraordinary peopleThe artist explains in an interview with the cultural columnist for 15-18Catherine Richer.

The other songs will be released by the end of May to allow him to compose a full album. David Laflèche explains that he’s in no hurry to take everything out all at once, because there’s no plan to tour due to the pandemic at the moment, and the album is unexpected. So I make the fun last, He said.

the song Lone shot He talks about losing his father, the conductor of the orchestra, Jack LaFlich, who was a musician and conductor like himself. For the first 16 years of my life, this music was not present in my daily life, but I heard my dad make his arrangements for the next day, because the piano was underneath my bedroom. Little music to fall asleep when we’re kids, me, he was at the pianoDavid Lovelish says.

A family in music

David Loveles’ family has been immersed in music for a long time. Alongside her father, her mother, Helen Levasseur was the singer of Milady’s, a Quebec music group from the 1960s.

His dad didn’t really encourage him to follow in his footsteps. David Laflèche didn’t dive into music until he was 17, when he started playing guitar.

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His father passed away when he was 18, and he admits that he missed his encouragement. This led to a deep depression.

Finally, in Nashville he has been distinguished by the sound of the country we find in his songs. The shock was as strong as the one I had when I was 17 the first time I picked up the guitar, He says.

His wife, singer Mary May, was also a poet and author of each song on the album.

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