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Maxime Bernier goes to a rally in Manitoba without respecting the quarantine

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These measures require everyone entering the county to self-isolate for 14 days, except for those who have been fully vaccinated and some essential workers.

On Monday, Mr. Bernier went to a rally in Steinbach, followed by events in Bloom Coley and Winnipeg.

These health orders are unconstitutional and unethical and I will always fight for my freedom and the freedom of all Canadians.

Quote from:Maxime Bernier, Leader of the Canadian People’s Party

Maxime Bernier, who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19, returned to Manitoba on Monday for the first time since his arrest by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in June. Then he participated in a march against the sanitary decrees in Saint-Pierre Jules.

In June, Maxime Bernier was accused of participating in a rally in a public outdoor place when the Public Health Act banned them, and of failing to self-isolate upon arrival in Manitoba.

When asked why he didn’t self-isolate this time, he replied that he did I took the opportunity, but if I had to go back to prison to defend my freedom and the freedom of all Canadians, I would.

Maxime Bernier and his party made their opposition to compulsory vaccination and the wearing of masks a central element of their electoral platform.

Maxime Bernier is due to appear in court in Saint-Pierre-Julys on September 21.

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