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Sexual harassment | Andrew Cuomo says he is “sorry” for the “misinterpreted” comments.

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(Albany) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted Sunday that some of his behavior with women was “misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation.”

Karen Matthews and Marina Villeneuve
News agency

Offer his cooperation in an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him, to be carried out by the state attorney general.

In a statement released in the wake of mounting condemnation within his party, the Democrat argued that he had not touched anyone or had made improper progress.

However, Mr. Cuomo admitted that he used to enjoy teasing people and making jokes about their personal lives in order to be “fun”.

“I understand now that my interactions may have been insensitive or very personal. Some of my comments, given my position, may have made others feel emotions I never intended. I admit that some of the things I said were misinterpreted as unwanted flirting. As much as anyone felt this way. I’m so sorry. ”

Mr. Cuomo’s legal advisor indicated that he was interested in outsourcing the investigation in his capacity as the exceptional deputy attorney general.

This plan and earlier were rejected by State Attorney Letitia James. It is a democracy that has been elected differently from Mister Cuomo.

The first plan called for retired federal judge Barbara Jones, chosen by Mr. Cuomo, to examine the governor’s behavior Saturday night.

Second shot M. askedI am James and Chief Justice of the State Court of Appeals, Janet Devour, are co-hiring an attorney to investigate the allegations and issue a public report.

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MI am James rejected the plan in the late afternoon because it would not shed light on the controversy.

I do not accept the ruler’s suggestion. The law clearly gives me the authority to investigate this matter as soon as the governor tells me. With all due respect to Chief Justice Daviori, I was duly elected to the position of Attorney General. It is my responsibility to complete this task, as stipulated by law. The Governor must take this into account in order for a full independent investigation to be carried out. ”

MI am James garnered the support of high-profile Democrats such as Senate Democratic Majority Leader Andrea Stuart Cousins ​​and House Speaker Carl Hasty.

The controversy returns to the White House, with President Joe Biden’s press secretary saying he wants an “independent review” of the allegations.

The crisis escalated on Saturday after a second woman in turn complained of being harassed by Governor Como at her workplace.

Charlotte Bennett, a State Administration employee until November, told the New York Times that Mr. Cuomo asked her inappropriate questions about her sexuality, especially if she had had intimate relationships with older men.

Lindsay Boylan, a former agent for economic development and special advisor to the governor, recently accused Andrew Cuomo of exposing her to an unwanted kiss and inappropriate comments.

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