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Diane Lebothelier’s predictions

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Maria Gill
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“The fact that we’re on continuity, and hopefully our projects open up quickly,” is the wish of New Richmond Mayor and Bonaventure MRC Governor Eric Dube, after Monday’s federal election. He is ready to work with Diane Lebothelier, who will start a third term as a Member of Parliament, in a liberal minority government.

“The priorities that we have raised are accommodation, childcare services, everything related to infrastructure at the municipal level. Everything related to ports and things like that. For our projects we will continue to work with Ms. Lebothelier,” explains Eric Dube.

The mayor of Grande-Rivieres also said he was ready to work again with Ms. Lebothelier. For him, the issue of the winter boat park remains a priority. Gino Ser also believes that the election campaign allowed him to explain this project in greater depth.

“I only hope that the next government that will be formed will be sure to appoint a minister who will be able to take into account the demands of industrialists and municipalities that are closely related to fishing and the importance of supporting a project like the Grand Rivier Winter Boat Park,” says Grand Rivier Mayor, Gino Ser.

For his part, Maurice Quesnel of the Chamber of Commerce in Pays de Chalors wants the immigration file to become a priority for Diane Lebothelier.

For us and for elected officials, I think it’s the same thing, the immigration file is fundamental. “You should take care of this and not ask to contact the immigration department,” says Maurice Quesnel, general manager of the Baie-des-Chaleurs Chamber of Commerce.

He would also like to remember that the Canadian Economic Recovery (PCRE) benefits provided by Justin Trudeau’s government are increasing the workforce shortage.

“Those who cannot really return because there is no position available or because it has not started again, we must continue to support them, but not where there is a shortage of manpower,” Mr Quesnell laments.

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