Discover older versions of Wiimote

It can’t be said enough, but despite the fact that it’s illegal to get hold of this data, Gigaleak is an extraordinary source of information for Nintendo fans. So much so that we never stop making discoveries, like those photos that reveal the evolution of the Wiimote concept.

Image credit: Nintendo

It was a funny thing

You won’t escape that in recent months, we’ve been talking about Gigaleak regularly. A large amount of data from Nintendo has been streamed multiple times on the web, particularly on 4chan. This information contains a lot of things, from prototypes of games that have been sold or discontinued, to development data about Kyoto’s own consoles and accessories. The Gigaleak leak is believed to come from companies that were hired by Nintendo to work with them, meaning that the data was not taken directly from the company’s servers.

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And again, this is the Twitter account of illusion forest, dedicated to preserving and archiving the history of Nintendo, which conveys information about the discovery of an image. This suggests concepts around the development of the Nintendo Wii Wiimote. In addition to the fact that it originally had to be green, we can see that the position or shape of the buttons is not exactly what we know today. For a while, the idea seemed to have come close to Nintendo to include the L and R buttons near the center button, but this was apparently abandoned after that.

The most surprising thing is to see the shape of the directional intersection which has been replaced by a circle in the last two concepts. Some sites like Nintendo enthusiast, we have assumed that the Wiimote shown in these images is also smaller than the final version, if we refer to the size of the directional cross.

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An interesting discovery that allows us in particular to see how the machine’s designers think. A great find for all who are directly or indirectly interested in the small world of Nintendo.

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