“The delta variant likes unvaccinated people”

Quebec seems spared, for the time being, from the delta variant, but noting the situation elsewhere in the world, experts note that it particularly attacks unprotected people.

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“This is true when we look at the numbers in general, and especially what is happening in our neighbors to the south or in other countries, it is quite clear that the delta variant occurs in people who have not been vaccinated and we have two vaccines that are very effective prophylactic against the delta variant,” confirms the president Intensive care unit at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Ds François Marquez, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

He particularly regrets the ongoing resistance around vaccines in Quebec.

“It’s a little sad because vaccines are safe, they work. When we’ve seen them work too, we’ve seen the damage it can do and we know that delta variant likes people who aren’t immunized, it’s No. 1 victims of delta variant, for us, c ‘hard’,” he says. .

It is too late to vaccinate

Viral video from a doctor from Alabama, and in it She says that patients who were about to be intubated begged her to be vaccinatedBelieving that she will save them, she finds echoes in Quebec.

Drs Marquez stresses that patients in his intensive care unit also requested vaccination when the first doses arrived in Canada.

“When we started vaccinating, unfortunately there were families or patients in intensive care who asked us for a vaccine to save them at the last minute, but unfortunately it appears that they did not understand that the key to the vaccine, is prevention,” he says.

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Borders and tourists

Dr believes that opening the border to Americans on August 9 should not be a concern for Canadians because there are things that can be done to protect them.s Marquis.

In addition to the fact that proof of double vaccination should be required at the border, all tourism workers should be vaccinated because they will be the main people in contact with the Americans, says the head of the intensive care unit.

“If you’re in tourism, if you’re in the restaurant business, if you have employees in the sector, make sure you get all these beautiful people vaccinated. That’s the thing we can do,” he said.

A simple gesture would not only contribute to the county’s economic recovery, but also “protect our residents,” according to Dr.s Francois Marquez.

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