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Error deleting Temp files

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good morning,

In Windows 11
I wanted to delete the contents of my AppData/Local/Temp directory
Then ctrl a and delete it

And pretty quickly, I realized I was in AppData/Local (not in Temp!!!)
Then ctrl a and delete it

So I was deleting Local

The files have already been deleted! I stopped deleting when I realized the error..but some have already been deleted. And they are not in the Recycle Bin because it was a permanent delete…

I would like to know how to fix this error? I’ve done a system restore but it doesn’t seem to be enough, I have programs that no longer work like Chrome.

Do I just have to reinstall it? Does AppData/Local only affect programs or Windows? I hope you can tell me.

And can we also solve this problem simply by creating a new account on the computer? My account is a local account and an admin account, so I don’t know how to re-create a local admin account…


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