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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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My mom’s heart recently shook. My woman’s heart too. Especially I who thought we were moving forward, always calmer, more confident and independent… Now our neighbors to the south remind me that this is not the case. Even worse, and I am hardly exaggerating, that God will control our bodies.

This latest decision to restrict the right to abortion in the United States is a stab in the face for women around the world.

Today I realize that history depends on a few things, and that achievements can be erased in a few adjustments. Moving forward in time can mean going backwards.

Let us remember that the United States has come a long way from electing its first president after the election of the first black president, Barack Obama. At that time, the United States was seen all over the world as a country with progressive and humanitarian values. Trump’s election will lead them to another sad fate.

Abortion is the absolute right

The right to abortion as I learned in my university seminars is undoubtedly the most important feminist battle. Sure there is suffrage, equal pay, and autonomy, but abortion is the absolute right of a woman to choose her own body.

Pregnancy is not just a matter of fertilization and conception. He is a little human being to be cherished for life. It is a new way of life that not all women can or are willing to embrace.

Even worse, it is not because we ban abortion that it will stop. According to the World Health Organization, every year 25 million unsafe abortions are performed worldwide, resulting in the deaths of 39,000 women and millions of hospitalizations.

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“Access to safe abortion saves lives,” the Director-General of the World Health Organization pleads and he is right.

The resumption of the feminist struggle

Dear Florence, you are my daughter that I love, I promise that my mother will now fight at all times to leave you a world where you are free and satisfying…

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