Faith. The place of science in our lives with UPPF

Professor of Literature, graduate of École Normale Supérieure, Antoine Seal, wanted to share his passion for the world of science with members of the Popular University of Foix (UPPF). His conference also aims to highlight the contributions of science to the development of mankind. While his successes are visible and undeniable, science today is criticized in a malicious manner. Why these criticisms? How do you respond to negative arguments? To respond to these attacks, the speaker invoked many great philosophers of science (Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, Bruno Latour and many others) to show how far humanity has advanced in knowledge. The key point is to fully understand the scientific approach with the keywords: rigor, intuition, observation and critical thinking. You can make mistakes and mistakes must be corrected. “This is the end of the absolute certainty model according to K. Popper, but this is how we proceed. A permanent link must be established between basic search and applications, and communication of search results is essential for them to benefit as many as possible. L. Pasteur said: ” Science has no homeland.” “At present, in our turbulent world (?) it is necessary to educate citizens and help them distinguish and understand what is science and what is not: this is popular education! Many books are now available and everyone can access them to understand this fundamental issue.

Stephen Lyle presents his following lecture: “The Evolution of the Mind: Have We Became Rational!” At Léo Lagrange in Foix on Thursday 28th April at 8:30pm.

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