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The return of the Blue Jays to Canada: match celebrations

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Tony Vaughn
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For the first time since 2019, the Toronto Blue Jays held a home opening party at the Rogers Center. This was the first time that Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Bo Pechet, who have been around since 2019, had the right to such treatment.

The festivities clearly lived up to expectations.

The good old Rogers Center was packed at the beginning of the movie and among the visitors was Marcus Simin. Newly acclaimed (the only Rangers to have received such a treatment), he also earned the Golden Glove and Silver Pole, which he won in 2021 at second base in Toronto.

And every time he was on the board, he was greeted.

Tuscar Hernandez (silver rod) and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (silver rod and Hank Aaron Trophy) also received standing ovations.

It should be noted that the widow of Mr. Harun was present at the site to present the award and that Canadian athletes were also welcomed. hat.

The Jays also took the opportunity to present their new roster, which is quite a bit larger than the old roster… as fans expect for the 2022 season.

take up more space.

It obviously helped bring the space to life, as did another lighting system. Fans celebrate not only Jays, but returning to normal life in Canada on fire.

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Everything is on another level this year. #next stage

During the player’s presentation, it is clear that Vlady applauded more than the others. Besides, the crowd was shouting for him.

What was she screaming? best player.

The two national anthems on the piano were the icing on the cake. It was a real comeback for the Blue Jays and Canadians.

Let the movie begin… And that is, even if Jose Berrios didn’t start well.

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