Film “Alin”: “I had the impression that we passed by Bogons”

Celine Dion’s sister, Claudette, did not appreciate the film “Aline” by Valerie Lemercier, which was inspired by the life of the singer from Quebec.

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“I had the impression that we passed the Bougons, and Celine became illiterate,” laments Claudette Dion on the Denis Lévesque show.

Although she realizes that French humor is different from that of Quebec, the singer’s sister says that she “found nothing funny and nothing touching” in the film.

Claudette Dion criticizes the fact that many of the elements in the film are wrong, such as the number of siblings, the author’s fortune “It was just a dream” and notes that Maman Dion would have made to René Angelil.

“I didn’t get to know her life, I didn’t get to know her story, I didn’t get to know her language, I didn’t get to know my roots and even less from my mother,” she said.

Celine’s sister didn’t like a scene where we see the singer eating with her hands while everything falls on her face.

Nor did she like the scene where Maman Dion describes René Angélil as “a big trim twice his age” or when Celine and her mother steal sugar.

“What are we going for?” Claudette Dion says.

If the movie was meant to be a parody, the singer’s sister doesn’t really find it funny.

“She was talking about a cartoon, I shot it all I’m going to say, to finally get as close to her as possible without being accurate,” she denounces.

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“I think it’s [Valérie Lemercier] Draft pushed, the little one,” Claudette Dion concluded, explaining that René Angélil would have surely “tuned” the movie if he was still with us.

Hear Claudette Dion’s full interview on Denis Levesque in the video above.

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