Flashwood: The Beginnings of Jean-Carl Boucher, Filmmaker

There is always something poignant about first working discovery. A little bit of a thrill it takes, like every time it’s your first time. But when the first film in question was born completely free, and took its time, without worrying about following a specific path, the desire for discovery seems almost stronger.

It is with Flashwoodthe first feature film directed by Jean-Carl Boucher, whose upbringing smelled of independence and non-conformity.

because Flashwood– or rather his idea – was born in 2013, when Jean-Carl Boucher, with the support of his friend Pierre-Luc Funk, decided to shoot a short film in Five Days with his parents.

Twenty-five pages of the script and after an hour of shooting, the result does not completely satisfy the young director. The project would remain in the state for five years, until everyone’s schedules finally matched and another hour could be shot on the same principle, and another the following year.

Flashwood, by Jean-Carl Boucher Photo: Entract Films

Noting this spread over time, Flashwood Then the guys follow, in a sad suburb, from one teenage summer to another where these guys who have become young meet again, of course encountering new realities and their dreams that have barely begun. anyway…

Entirely inspired by an entire cinematic stream based on independence and craftsmanship (from Mumblecore action films to Harmony Korine films), Flashwood Breathe in the little winds of freedom that blow on these marginal businesses.

And on the controls of his band, which he did not join, however, on screen (Pierre-Luc Funk, Antoine Desrochers, Simone Pigeon, Maxime Desjardins Tremblay, Caryl Tremblay, Rose Marie Perrault, Mehdi Boussaidan, Martin Dubroy, Sophie Nélisse and Antoine Pilon), proves Jean-Carl Boucher that growing up, while it may take time, does not mean giving up on your dreams.

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Trailer (Source: YouTube)

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