Food integration challenges for new arrivals

When Marie Aghanzi and her family arrived in Canada from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, going to the supermarket was a real celebration.

I let them do that. I said, “Take, we have a lot … a share, each.” […] I was buying soft drinks. I bought it completely freelyas you say.

The result: take 30 kg in less than a year. The situation is so alarming that it makes her change her approach to eating.

During my career, I noticed the tensions behind them and told myself we have to come back [à notre alimentation d’avant], You remember.

What Marie Aghanzi has experienced is a phenomenon well known to Marianne Lefevre. International Dietitian, meets many newcomers who are struggling with the same problems.

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Marie Aganzi gained 30 kg within a year of arriving in Canada.

Photo: Submitted by Mary Aganzi Asfedi

According to her, upon their arrival in Canada, these people face many challenges in this area, including lack of money and time, but not only. Food shock is also related to their lack of knowledge of host country products and how to cook them to their tastes. Many of the products that are very expensive in their home country have also become more attractive because they are very affordable in Canada.

Pasta is very popular with new arrivals, not only for time, but also for money because it doesn’t actually cost much. These are small changes in diet, but in general the quality of the diet for newcomers drops dramatically.Ms. Lefebvre confirms.

According to her, a very significant decrease in the consumption of fruits and vegetables has been observed among the newcomers to Canada.

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Marceline Pararovez understands that integration includes food, too.

Photo: Submitted by Marceline Pararovees

Food integration

However, most immigrants have balanced eating habits when they leave their country.

I remember in the village my aunt would make a good corn paste and spiced vegetables with beef oil.Marceline Bararovis, originally from Burundi, remembers.

And she asserts that only the most privileged, especially in the city, are those who have the distinction of eating fried potatoes, rice or even meat every day.

Ms. Pararovez is well aware that fusion also includes food, but for that you have to understand the symbols.

The grocery store is a whole world to discover.

Quote from:Marceline Pararoveis is a resident of Windsor from Burundi

There are a lot of affordable costs for meat, desserts, and frozen food. But this is all a double-edged sword. To say that the entire integration process has to go through it. Learn how to read labels, estimate sales and learn how to cook, Notes.

Advice to follow

Marianne Lefevre says, like the general population, new arrivals should follow a healthy diet to ensure better health.

Try to eat as few processed foods as possible. Unprocessed fruits and vegetables. It is imperative that you consume it. If you find it is of lesser quality, try adding it to traditional sauces.The expert suggests.

She also recommends keeping as much of the traditional diet as possible and planning ahead for cooking on weekends for those who take too long during the week.

For her part, Marie Aghanzi understood the lesson, and her children too, who now appreciate more traditional dishes of chicken in particular that their mother cooks.

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