Four ways to improve patient care

Disease – As the number of caregivers decreases, the number of patients with this heart disease is expected to increase due to an aging population

Extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, and a cough… even if it wasn’t COVID-19, But ‘Heart failure ? This question, few French people ask themselves, because this pathology, which nevertheless concerns 1.5 million people (especially after 60 years), is still unknown. However, there is an urgent need to educate caregivers and the general public This disease kills every seven minutes. That’s why cardiologists, general practitioners, biologists, MPs, and patient associations organized this Tuesday Conference and press conference to present Optim’IC (HF for Heart Failure), a program aimed at improving the care of affected patients.

For a year, these multidisciplinary working groups have collected, at the national as well as regional level, their findings and solutions. With the aim of “guiding public authorities”, summarizes Michelle VangetAnd an agent (modem) and a cardiologist. “The number of patients increases by 25% every four years, and this will increase with the aging of the population, provided bloody typodHenri Mondor, a cardiologist at CHU Henri Mondor (AP-HP), in Créteil, and head of the Optim’IC project. However, the medical demographic is crumbling. Cardiologists have become a rare commodity, (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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