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Founded by engineers, metalworkers and outdoor enthusiasts from Portnov, TrackZ Mobilité has just launched a new electric all-terrain wheelchair, the TRACKZion electric (Photo). The car fully meets the need for autonomy and accessibility for people with disabilities. This Quebec innovation combines the qualities of electric and electric wheelchairs. The electric TRACKZion is compatible with the HP+ manual wheelchair and includes a 500W electric motor, two 48V lithium batteries that provide 6 hours of autonomy, a Kenda 20×4 front tire and front air suspension. TrackZ has also created the “Une petite push” program, which supports off-piste chair purchases via a platform that allows for the creation of a crowdfunding campaign. More details in on the picture, Hugo LefebvreTrackZ Mobilité founder and lab Marc Andre Bellevue.

42 years of social sharing

I’m Jocelyn Valerand He was a young lawyer, in 1980, when Relais d’Espérance, an organization that helps disadvantaged people experiencing rejection, despair and loneliness, was founded in Limoelo. Initially, he was asked to write the general regulations of the organization. Then he agreed to be a member of the board of directors. NSNS Vallerand was promoted in 1985 to President of Relais, a position he continues to hold today in 2021, that is, for more than 35 years. For all these reasons and many more, his commitment was recently confirmed to the Honorable Michel Doyon He was presented with the Vice-Governor’s Medal of Distinguished Merit.

lions in golf

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The friendly golf tournament held at the Lions de Charlesbourg Golf Club on September 17 raised $13,500. This amount was donated to various works sponsored by Lions. In the photo, from left to right: Francois Bergeron, President Emeritus and Director Casey Desjardins Charlesburg; Lucy Belangerthe lion ruler in U 2; New Faith, 1Re vice president; Pierre Schramm, President of the Charlesburg Lions Club; Nicole Robitail, responsible for the tournament; And Jonathan Julian, Member of Parliament for Charlesburg (CAQ) and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

as a souvenir

November 5, 1996. Deputy Governor of Quebec, Jean Louis Rogue (Photo), after admitting to wearing the swastika as a student in 1942.


Pierre Paul Hus (photo) Conservative MP for Charlesburg-Haute St. Charles Ride in the Canadian House of Commons, 52… Genevieve Simard, 41, former member of the national alpine ski team, 41… Tatum O’Neill, actress, daughter of actor Ryan O’Neill, 58 A year … Alain Dufresne, Director of College Radio Television de Québec (CRTQ), 62 … Brian Adams, Canadian singer, 62 years old … Robert Beachy, former airline pilot, Air Transat, 69 … Pierre Dufault, former sports commentator and writer, 87.


November 5, 2016: Jack Grand Mason (Picture), 84, Quebec sociologist, theologian, priest and writer… 2019: William Wintersall, 88, American actor who has appeared in the TV series Fires of Love for over 20 years as Mitchell Sherman… 2017: Bob Gerrard, 69, former NHL hockey player (Seals, Barons and Capitals) … 2015: George Paris, 89, American car designer … 2014: Manitas de Plata, 93, flamenco guitarist … 2013: Charlie Trotter , 54, the chef who revolutionized the world of gastronomy in the United States … 2009: Carol Voesel, 56, CEO of Technological Park of Metropolitan Quebec for 10 years … 2007: Pierre Martineau, 55, master of ceremonies In LNI for 26 seasons … 1997: Carole Cloutier, 55, performer who directed several reviews and sang in Les Plouffe … 1982: Jacques Tate, 74, French director and actor.

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