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Palma. A “scientific tour” in the public square

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Science Tour Truck develops free activities on “Changing Climate” and “Its Impact on Our Daily Lives”.

It’s a strange green truck that has landed in Palma. Welcomed by the city council and commissioned by the association “Little Stunt”, the car with the stamp “Science Tour” stopped in the morning in the eco-zone park in Fidelhan and in the afternoon in Cyprus Square. Her role: Develops free activities on “Changing Climate” and “Its Impact on Our Daily Lives”.

“Les Petits Débrouillards is a popular educational association that offers wandering activities around digital transformation, ecological transition and living together,” says Malicia who, together with Maurane, represented the administrative branch of this national structure. She continues, “For this, we come to meet people in the public arena. We organize workshops and observational experiments for the little ones, but also for the adults. This science tour focuses on biodiversity and change. Climate in the mountains.”

“Spaces of Expression”

The goal: to arouse public curiosity in a fun and accessible way for everyone. Moran adds: “The idea is to get people to want to observe what’s alive. That’s why we organize spaces for expression to get people to ask themselves questions, for example about the way ecosystems work.” In front of the truck, the day was interspersed with children’s science fairy tale readings and creative experiments and workshops about smells, animals or water. And Balma is only one stop on the “Science Tour” that now continues its tour in the regions of Haute-Garonne, in the smallest villages as well as the largest cities. “The values ​​of the Little Resourceful Association are to encourage the audience to understand things when you are curious. The facilitator adopts an attitude of support rather than that of a teacher. That is why we prefer the fun and participatory aspect,” says Moran.

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