Google Workspace for Everyone, Windows 11 Unlocked and Android 12 Uninstalled

Google and Microsoft monopolized the tech scene this week. The first to make Workspace, its suite of business services, available to the general public. The second saw Windows 11 leak ahead of its launch on June 24. Finally, Android 12 will be packed with new features this summer.

New Gmail interface with on-app workspace

In the Gmail mobile app, the workspace interface changes the logo below // Source: Frandroid

Google Workspace: The new Gmail web app for everyone

Initially reserved for companies, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) becomes available to everyone. Even individuals will be able to take advantage of its functionality especially Gmail which is undergoing a facelift for the occasion. We explain to you How to activate it on the web and smartphone.

Windows 11 is confirmed and we’re revealing it to you

It’s the big meeting of next week. On June 24, the new Windows will appear. It will likely be called Windows 11. As of this week, A leak hinted at the future interface. So we took the time Install the possible future version and take a tour to learn about its new featuresspecial new backgrounds or The taskbar that resizes changes.

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Android 12: new functions without the need to install the operating system

android will roll out new features to hundreds of millions of users without having to install Android 12. Jobs for Android AutoThus, messages, emojis, Google Assistant, and more are available via Play Services and some apps from the Play Store. From this summer, Google will be full of anti-quake functionality, for messages, emojis, or app control. Also note Double tap access on the back of the smartphone To trigger an action, a The functionality is already on iOS 14.

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Test of the week: OnePlus Nord CE

And again at OnePlus! The Chinese company, which will soon merge with its neighbor Oppo to give birth to Oplus, has recently launched the OnePlus Nord Core Edition. Light version of OnePlus North For less than 300 euros with some concessions on the processor in particular or the picture is less efficient than its bigger brother, but quite appreciative for the mid-range.

Source: Frandroid - Anthony Wonner

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

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