He bought two tickets in the same group and won two prizes

A man who does not remember whether he bought a lottery ticket with the numbers of his choice buys a second and won two prizes with the winning combination.

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“I was lying in my bed watching a basketball game on TV and I can’t remember whether or not I checked the kit,” said Scotty Thomas, a 49-year-old man from Fayetteville. Statement of the North Carolina Education Lottery.

In doubt, he went online to buy a ticket.

“The next morning my son asked me why I had entered two different amounts. I realized I might have bought two tickets,” said Scotty Thomas in the statement cited by CNN.

This small mistake will pay off.

The number on each ticket won a prize of $25,000 annually for life in a raffle on November 27.

“When I realized I won, I had to lie on the floor because I really couldn’t believe it,” said the lucky guy.

Scotty Thomas, a garbage collector, chose to take a lump sum of $780,000 for two tickets.

According to the North Carolina Lottery Corporation, he wants the money to invest in his business, pay off some debt, help his family, and possibly buy a house.

After taxes on the lot, he will have $551,851 left.

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