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How did Quebec residents use the $500?

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The $500 tax credit offered by the Quebec government to help residents deal with inflation was accepted, and in most cases, it was used wisely.

According to a recent Leger poll, 66% of Quebecers claim to have received this $500 tax credit, which has cost Quebecers $3.2 billion.

Of those, 55% said they used this assistance to pay daily bills such as groceries, rent or electricity.

Meanwhile, the savings option was the option 29% of tax credit recipients chose and 5% used to spoil themselves.

Eight percent admitted not realizing they had received it.

While many are satisfied with the amount granted for the tax credit, others find it insufficient.

Leger’s poll reveals that 61% of Quebecers think the Legault government should give the extra money.

However, 25% think the 500% tax credit is sufficient.

Asked by TVA Nouvelles about his intention to give an additional amount to members of Quebec to help them, Prime Minister Fran├žois Legault replied: “We continue to monitor the situation closely.”

“When we have something to announce to you, you will be the first to tell,” he added.

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