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Insurance: a new approach to saving money

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Whether you’re a consumer or an entrepreneur, you often accept premium increases without really trying to understand why. However, it will be possible to save a lot of money annually with just a few checks.

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Anne Martel, a Quebec businesswoman, decided to help people save money by giving a guide at Assure & Mat.

Furthermore, if you haven’t moved for five years, you are entitled to a 10% discount.

“Insurers love the stability of their clients, so when you’ve been in the same place for more than five years, it’s a 10% discount, so when you pay a premium of 1,000, you can still get $100 off the table by validating this information,” explains Ann Martel. Either with your agent or with your insurance company.

For your vehicles, you can enter the name of the spouse as the main driver to get a 10% discount.

“We have to ask if it is possible for our insurance company to implement this strategy. It is a strategy that we present to you and we put forward and it is actually linked to a 10% discount. Women are set to have a better driving record, so we should take advantage of this aspect to reduce the couple’s insurance premium from By putting women in the most expensive car in terms of insurance,” says Alcor & Mizar co-founder and chief damage insurance strategist.

On the other hand, she makes it clear that it is not necessary to negotiate every year as these small tips can be applied in the coming days.

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Contractors can decide to install and shut off the water detection system, for an additional 10% discount which is approximately $480 per year.

“Water damage is basically the most requested claims from insurance companies, whether for businesses, condominiums or homes, so a water outage detection system will prevent major claims and give us a discount. I would add to entrepreneurs that sometimes you also have to She asks if the insurance company can contribute financially to the installation,” confirms Ann Martel.

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