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How To Store Cannabis Flowers Correctly

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Like any other living plant, cannabis flowers receive nutrients from the roots that keep them alive. However, once they’re harvested, cannabis flowers begin to deteriorate, affecting their quality. Thus, whether you grow your own cannabis flowers or you just buy them from a dealer, keeping cannabis flowers fresh is vital. Luckily storage is relatively easy and cheap. 

It’s said that well-stored cannabis flowers have a clear appearance, are dense, and are sticky to the touch. You can also tell their freshness from the colors they exhibit like brown, green, orange, and purple.

4 Steps In Properly Storing Your Cannabis Flowers

Storing your flowers correctly means you’ll be locking in the potency of the various strains that you’ve got. Once you master how to keep these flowers fresh correctly, they won’t dry up easily just a few days after getting them. Having fresh cannabis flowers allows you to get a consistent smoke and a high-quality product, both of which enable you to get the full value of your purchases. 

Discussed below are some of the steps you need to take to properly store your cannabis flowers. Keep on reading to learn more. 

    1. Avoid Exposing Cannabis Flowers To Air

Fresh cannabis flowers contain terpene, phytonutrients, and cannabinoids that give cannabis its flavor, potency, and the like. To keep their quality, most cannabis flowers normally undergo a detailed curing process that’s intended to control the amount of air exposure they have. 

But why is air exposure a big no-no? Once your cannabis flowers are exposed to air, they can quickly lose their freshness and dry out. Flowers that dry out have lower aroma and flavor – decreasing the general strength or kick of the final product. 

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To prevent your cannabis flowers from being exposed to air, store them in airtight containers with a secured seal. 

    2. Keep Light Exposure To A Minimum

One key element that greatly affects the quality of cannabis flowers is light exposure. The irony is that although cannabis thrives on sunlight when it grows, exposing the harvested flowers to the sun’s rays will cause them to degrade quickly. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, the organic matter present in cannabis flowers tends to break down – damaging cannabinoids and reducing the potency of your product. 

To slow down the breaking down process, the easiest step to take is to use opaque containers to store your cannabis flowers. If you don’t have an opaque container, get creative and use dark tape around a clear jar for storage. 

Plus, consider finding a dark place to store your flowers for very limited light exposure.

    3. Always Maintain Ideal Humidity

Cannabis experts agree that humidity is one of the elements that greatly affect the freshness of cannabis flowers. It’s recommended to maintain a relative humidity of between 55% and 65% when keeping your cannabis flowers. 

Keep in mind that cured flowers have a slow fluid transfer after getting harvested. With this in mind, you need to maintain the right humidity level to reduce adverse degradation. If your flowers are exposed to high humidity, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Both are harmful – not only do they compromise the product quality yet they’re dangerous to the consumer’s health. 

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On the other hand, if your cannabis flowers are exposed to low humidity, fast drying may occur. Classic signs of flowers that dried too quickly include brittleness and overall low

    4. Follow The Right Storage Temperature

Just like humidity, finding the proper temperature is vital to preserving the freshness of your cannabis flowers when storing them. Generally, cannabis products like cannabis flowers are best kept in storage with temperatures between 60°F and 68°F. 

Take note that multiple factors are part of the bigger picture of proper cannabis flowers storage. As a golden rule, make sure that your storage spot isn’t too hot or too cold. 

Bottom Line

Every cannabis user can attest to the potency of fresh and top-notch cannabis flowers. But with them deteriorating fast after harvest, you need to be extra mindful of how you store cannabis flowers. If not stored well, you might end up with a dry and dangerous product that might be bad for your health upon consumption.  

Taking the necessary steps to carry out proper storage allows your cannabis flowers to stay fresh for weeks or even months. Hopefully, the points mentioned above have helped you out. Lastly, you can find many storage products in the market that you can use to maintain or improve the flavor of your flowers in relation to how they’re stored. 

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