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12 skincare and beauty tips you should know about

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When it comes to skincare, makeup, and beauty products there’s a lot to know about. There are so many products and great tips out there, that it can easily seem like a jungle to navigate around. Many people end up buying unsuitable skincare and beauty products because they just don’t know enough about what to pick and choose. Because people are different in terms of skin types, it does matter what products are used. How one treats the body in terms of lifestyle also affects the skin indeed.

1 – Reducing stress

Stress can affect the body both internally and externally in many ways. When you’re stressed, it often leads to worries, bad sleep, and many other negative impacts. The skin might react to this as well. That is why it is very important to get plenty of sleep and make sure there’s time for relaxing at unwinding. Whether that means afternoon naps, early bedtime, reading a book, or checking the Steelers odds if betting is an interest. Whatever works for you as a break to think about other things than stressful situations.  Disconnecting is very important.

2 – Drink plenty of water

The body needs a lot of water to function and cleanse the body. This also affects the skin and dehydration is visible on the body’s largest organ(skin). Make sure you follow the health recommendations and remember to drink a lot more if you’re residing in a hot country or traveling in one.

3- You are what you eat

The food people intake has a great impact on the skin as well. If you eat a lot of sugar and unhealthy foods, it can easily lead to breakouts of pimples for example. Make sure you eat variated and get lots of greens. Proteins, healthy fats, fruit, and whole grain vegetables are good for your skin.

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4 – Vitamins for your skin

Vitamins and minerals also play a role when it comes to your skin. The list of vitamins that affects the skin is quite long. Vitamins A-B-C-D and E are some of these important vitamins. It is of course important to consult your doctor or health specialist when it comes to vitamins and minerals in terms of questions and doubts.

5. -Lifestyle changes

Some things are really bad for the skin in terms of aging. These include smoking and drinking alcohol. Both things speed up the aging of the skin, so it is something to consider if you want to take care of your skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which also makes the skin appear duller. Smoking also contributes to wrinkles.

6 – Protect your skin from the sun

Even though Sunkissed skin is something many people love, it’s very important to use sun protection. Make sure you’re using sun protection with factor 50 if you want to keep your skin young and prevent premature aging. Even though the sky might be cloudy, it’s still a good idea to put on that sun protector. If you live somewhere hot and sunny or go traveling, it’s also a good idea to consider staying in the shade during midday.

7 – See a cosmetologist

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting a cosmetologist, it is something to consider for your skin. A cosmetologist has great knowledge about different skin types and can easily help you with different skin problems. Many people buy skincare for skin types, they don’t even have. And it does matter because the products often won’t do the job. The cosmetologist can determine your current skin type and guide you through both treatments and future skincare acne problems, scars, enlarged pores, and dry skin are all problems, they may help you with.

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8 – Smooth skin all over

Dry skin all over the body is a common problem for many people. Especially if you live in more cold countries, where the air is drier. You can apply body lotion and oils, but often it only sits as a layer, because the body does not absorb it. What you can do is do an exfoliation of the body once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells. You do not need to go out and buy one, as you can easily make one at home with a few ingredients. If you have olive oil or coconut oil, you can mix it with sugar or use coffee grounds and scrub the body. You can also read about: 5 Must-Have Skincare Products

9 – Face peeling

Once or twice a week, you should also use a face scrub or peeling for more youth-looking, fresh, and moist skin. The scrub you can use for your body is too hard for the skin of the face and that is why you should buy a product suitable for the face. When you peel your face, you’re also making it easier for effective skincare products to absorb better.

10 – Use the right serum

Serums come in many types, depending on skin type and needs. A lot of serums will boost your skin as well as give you a glow. Some can help brighten your skin if you have dark scars or pigmentation. Others will give lots of moisture. Use the serums in the morning and night, or as recommended on the selected type of serum.

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11 – Puffy eyes

If you’re struggling with tired eyes in the morning, which also look puffy, there are several things you can do. You can try putting something cold on the eyes or using eye-rollers for puffy eyes. Consider using a great eye cream as well, in terms of antiaging around this area on the face.

12 – Use a primer

If you’re using makeup, you should try out a primer before you put it on. A primer will put a base on your skin, which makes wrinkles and fine lines appear less visible before makeup. Put a primer under your foundation or powder and see the difference. Primers also have the great benefit of making your makeup stay put for a long time.

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