Hunting for treasure in the days of New France

A deciphering medal and a map in hand, participants will be invited to search for clues that will allow them to solve a task and learn more about the era of New France.

The symbolic holiday medal of New France accompanies a treasure map. The seven regions are well defined so as not to search unnecessarily in a very large sector.

Clues lead the participants to find a scene prepared for the event. Each element of the decor is related to the story of our charactersAlexis Ferland, Director of Programming at Holidays in New France explains. For example, the theme of beer and justice is exploited during Jean Talon’s research. The keys are hidden there and contain a code that is decrypted using the card.

The decryption medal accompanies the treasure map.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Michel Cloutier

Each eight-digit numeric code is an important date related to the character. This code will activate the time gate.

The missions have three difficulty levels. The majority are easy or medium level while only one is rated hard. Two or three clues are necessary to understand the process and play the game. Once the concept is well understood, the research becomes easier.

Old Quebec map with well defined areas.

Treasure map is necessary to successfully complete the historical missions of the holidays in New France.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Michel Cloutier

My number in the service of history

The treasure can be hunted simply with a map, medal, and a pencil. The experience is enhanced by the presence of a QR code. We deal with a very large number of clients. We can try it in different ways, says Alexis Ferland. And of course we are in 2021!

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Like the video game, each discovery earns virtual money that can be used to purchase costumes to decorate an online avatar. Historical capsules are also available to deepen knowledge with additional information.

The New France holiday treasure hunt continues until August 15th.

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