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Audio notation. Sixth Science Episode 56: Blackout in 2035?

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energy. Are you also worried about power outages? We know that fossil fuel reserves are slowly depleting. So, with the rapid electrification of the vehicle fleet and the ever-increasing use of electric power, will there really be enough current for all of us in the future to be able to move but also to heat ourselves, to enlighten us? we?

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for 55 hisNS Episode 6 Science Science Podcast From Science and the future And 20 minutes It tells you all about these energy issues that affect our daily lives. At the microphone, Loic Chauveau, a journalist specializing in nature and the environment at Science and the future Answers Roman Golomes’ questions 20 minutes. Questions, for example, are regularly asked to the operators of the electricity transmission network. Namely, will it be possible to save electricity during the upcoming major seasonal rushes, imagining that almost everyone is in an electric car?

According to the non-governmental organization Transportation and Environment (T&E)One million electric vehicles should also be reached this year, to exceed 3.3 million in 2025 and reach 6.7 million in 2030. next to Electricity transmission network (RTE), The company responsible for the high voltage distribution network questioned by Loïc Chauveau, the answer is: “Don’t panic”. Even on major holiday departures rated black by Bison Futé, production will be more than enough to meet the needs of millions of cars, even if they are all recharged at the same time! However, it remains to be seen if the automakers will be able to meet the demand.

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