In Valence and Annonay, sewage is being screened for the Covid-19 epidemic

Wastewater combed from Valentinois and Annonian to detect COVID-19. Wastewater treatment plants Valence and Annonay joined the Obépine network at the beginning of the year. A network of researchers who, by analyzing the water coming out of our toilets, are able to measure the circulation of Covid in the population.

The researchers note that the Covid virus attacked our airways but also in some cases our intestines. “There is an intestinal attack, and the virus attacks the cells of the intestine and It is partially found in the feces of patients.” Summarizes Yvonne Madai, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Sorbonne and co-founder of the Obépine Network.

Follow the epidemic closely

When everyone goes to the toilet, the virus in the stool comes out at once Asymptomatic patients and those without symptoms. Element thus makes it possible to see More precisely, the development of the epidemic. Thanks to the analyzes, the Obépine network was able to predict the second wave of Covid in the summer of 2020. “Everyone goes to the toilet, especially young people, who were able to catch the Covid virus by taking advantage of the summer and it disintegrated. The virus was able to spread in this group without there being many symptoms”, explains Yvonne Madai.

At stations monitored at the time in eastern France and in the Paris region, researchers see an increased concentration of viruses in wastewater. “We have shown that there is progress, simply because we have discovered patients that cannot be detected otherwise.” Yvonne Madai says.

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The situation in Valence and Anunnai

Wastewater treatment plants Mauboule in Valence and Acantia in Annonay joined the Obépine network at the end of 2020. The first samples were submitted at the beginning of 2021. Since then, the presence of Covid in wastewater in Valencia has decreased. The index moved from 100 to 80, which is the average virus circulation level. In Annonay, the index rose from 120 to 70 before climbing sharply to 95 in mid-May. “Was there a relaxation at the end of confinement on May 19? It is a phenomenon that must be analyzed later with society” Yvonne Madai says.

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