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Remy Salomon warns that a “fourth wave is coming” in France

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“Now it is clear, a fourth wave is coming”. Here’s the warning from Remy Salomon on Twitter, deeply concerned about the coronavirus pandemic in France.

Are all the lights green in France regarding the coronavirus pandemic? At first glance, everything is going in the right direction: an almost complete removal has been obtained, and only nightclubs have not yet reopened. (This will be the case on July 9th)The curfew is only a distant memory and the results of Covid-19 in France are more and more reassuring every day. But with all that, There is no way to let your guard down. And this is undoubtedly the message that Remy Salomon wanted to convey on Twitter on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

Focus on Twitter

Whoever chairs the APHP medical establishment committee, which we’ve seen so often in the media during this pandemic, is not optimistic. And so he proved it on his social networks with a message that resonated like a cry of alarm. “Now it is clear, a fourth wave is coming”, he wrote. Then complete: “It can be controlled or, on the contrary, forced back into the kitchen, which we no longer want, in hospitals and everywhere. How can we imagine we’ll be back there when we have the supply at hand?”.

Vaccination and delta variant

When this expert indicates that we have Offer at handAnd the refers to vaccinationAnd the who is no longer active in France than in recent weeks. Appointments are not adhered to and vaccination centers must be closed because there are no patients. “For two or three days, we vaccinate 200,000 to 300,000 first doses per day, which is too little.”Prime Minister Jan Casteks announced on Thursday.

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especially that The delta variant could soon become the majority in France. If it corresponds to only 10% of the new pollution currently found in France, European experts believe it could become the majority at the end of August. If this delta variable is concerned, That’s because it’s 50-60% more portable. of the original breed. Thus the fourth wave can wreak havoc.

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