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“It’s awful.” – Patrick Roy

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Patrick Roy Cutters: Recruits for 32 National Hockey League (NHL) teams got them wrong in their assessment of Quebec Rimparts captain Theo Rochet.

The 19-year-old striker is having the best season of his career in the Quebec Major Hockey League (QMJHL). In 44 games this season, he has amassed 61 points so far to put him sixth in scoring in the league ahead of Tuesday night’s games.

The Swiss Canadian, however, has already been missed twice in the replay. He had his first professional experience at the Toronto Maple Leafs development camp early in the season, but is still without a contract.

An incomprehensible situation for Roy.

“I look at the players that were recruited and I find it appalling that Théo Rochette was not. I personally am disappointed with the Quebec scouts across the NHL teams. I think they have a job to do there. I admire his perseverance and tenacity. He is probably our best player in “He deserves a chance at the next level,” he said Tuesday morning.

without pressure

For his part, Roschett often mentioned it: The disappointment of being ignored in the draft was strong in his first year of eligibility, in 2020. Since then, he’d rather not worry anymore.

“In my draft year, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Even if we try not to think about it, it’s easier said than done. I was disappointed, but since then I’ve been trying not to wait any longer. I’m doing my best and my goal is to win.”

If he no longer thinks about it, Rochette will still take his criticism seriously. Many recruiters consider him a player who develops too much on the sidelines for a professional career, and says he works every day to prove to people that he understands the message.

“When I wasn’t drafted into my freshman year, the blame was on me for not using my body enough. I work on it a lot in the gym and on snowboard. I try to use my body in one-on-one fights. I work on it for myself, but also for the team.” We’ll see what happens at the end of the season.”

Chemistry with Bolduc

Early in the season, Roy put Zachary Bolduc in the first round for the St. Louis Blues alongside Rochet. If both players take the time to develop chemistry, it will be well-established for a few months. Since February, the two players have doubled down on their efforts to get 50 points in just 14 games, 26 for Rochet and 24 for Boldock.

Moreover, for the latter, there is also no doubt that the doors of professional hockey in North America will open for the quarterback.

“He is an excellent skater and a talented player. He has a great shot and is just a passer. I think if he wasn’t invited, he would be recruited. I have no doubt that something will open up for him.”

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