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Montreal: Bad attitudes against Philadelphia

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The match ended with the decision of official Drew Fisher, who decided not to allow a goal to be scored due to a mistake committed earlier in the match.

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The decision, which denied Montreal a 2-0 lead, came at 49And the Minutes, seven minutes later the score was 2-1 to Al-Ittihad.

Everything indicates that this unauthorized goal broke the momentum of the Montreal club, but Wilfried Nancy believes that was not the case.

“After the unauthorized goal, I don’t think it was about giving up, we mismanaged the two situations.”

bad management

In a game where her team didn’t show their best, Nancy explained what went wrong with both Philadelphia goals.

“The first goal, we had the ball in the back. There is a simple pass and a simple shot. In the timing They did it well and we had a poor read on the game.

“In the second, there is chaos and the ball has to come out of the penalty area more quickly.”

But now, if Nancy is more tolerant of last year’s mistakes, he wants to see an evolution in that regard this season.

“I suppose we learn, but we can also avoid it.”

The fact remains that the team gave up twice in three minutes on Saturday and twice in ten minutes in Orlando last Sunday.

Is it a matter of mental toughness or tactics? I do not know. In Orlando we also allowed two close goals, and we have to adapt to that. »

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run in

Defensively, the team played for the first time with the trio of Rudy Camacho, Kamal Miller and Alistair Johnston in the heart of the defense.

“There are still automatic mechanisms when you have the ball to find synchrony between the three players to move forward, Nancy admitted. On the defensive side, they weren’t too bothered.”

On the flanks, the parties struggled to deliver quality balls to the attackers. Nancy does not focus on positions elsewhere.

“There were chances for the crosses after they didn’t arrive in the penalty area like they should.

“I will watch the game to see what needs improvement. We crossed late in the game, and that’s not what made us score.”

We can also add that in the absence of Rommel Koyoto, Mason Toei and Bjorn Johnson, he had no offensive option to come in and help him off the bench.

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