Kid Cody will write and direct his first Netflix movie

The Canadian rapper himself will be part of the cast of this feature film, called “Teddy” which was specially produced by Jay-Z.

Kid Cody has expanded his film business in recent years. after playing in need for speed or recently in Xthe horror film T West due to be released in France soon, Kid Cody revealed that he was working on his first feature film, dummyfor Netflix.

The 38-year-old musician and actor broke the news social networks This Tuesday, he reported that he started writing this project in 2013 and that he has been waiting a long time to be able to tell his fans about it.

“I’ve always wanted to write my own movie, so I thought about it and started doing it. It’s been a long way, it’s been a TV series for a long time before it became a movie. I can’t wait for that. Everyone meets Teddy and his friends and family and hangs out in his world a little bit.”

If he doesn’t provide more details about the release date, the artist has nonetheless provided a quick overview of the script dummy To his fans: “If I had to sum up the movie in one sentence, I would say this: Like I took the song the pursuit of happiness (Sound clip of the movie Project Xeditor’s note) and that I made a comedy out of it,” he explains.

Il poursuit: “J’y ai ajouté beaucoup de mes propres lutes et expériences personnelles, ce film me tient donc très à cœur. Je sais qu’au fond de moi, ce film aidera les gens de la même manière que ma musique l’ Act.”

Produced by Jay-Z

Kid Cudi will write and star in this comedy directed by Jeymes Samuel, Jay Z, James Lassiter, Mad Solar and Bron.

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Kid Cudi previously collaborated with Jeymes Samuel, Jay-Z, James Lassiter and Netflix VP Tendo Nagenda by composing the track guns jo bang for the west The hardest they fell on Netflix. The film’s music has been awarded by the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and nominated by the Broadcasting Film Critics Association.

This film also marks the renewal of the collaboration between Kid Cudi and Netflix. After the last appearance in do not search by Adam McKay. Kid Cody also collaborated with Ariana Grande to write the film’s soundtrack just search for.

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