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CAN 2021: Jessica Genius Remembers!

Posted on 05-24-2022 | lenovelliste.com

As the 75th Cannes International Film Festival rocks at La Croisette, director Jessica Genius relives her experience last year at this major global gathering of the seventh art.

July 14, 2021. At a time when Haiti was still making headlines in all international media due to the brutal assassination of its presidents Jovenel Moyes and Jessica Genius and the announcement of the screening of her film “Frida” in Cannes, it is a whirlwind of fresh air for all Haitians. Made in the creole language, this feature film became part of the legend of national cinema by allowing the country to return to Cannes after more than twenty years.

“Cannes is the pinnacle of world cinema and we have been there without hiding our culture and our values. With a creole language film that tells the lives of those whose history is rarely spoken…. I think what I will never forget is that I was not alone in this festival and that despite all the complications, We were able to have a large part of the cast with us. Seeing them enjoying every moment of this journey was so precious,”

Since its release in Cannes, Frida, which was subsequently released in more than 80 theaters across France, has participated in many international festivals and won awards all over the world. Example: Special mention of the François Chalet Prize in Cannes. Two prizes at the Festival Paysages de Cinéastes (Grand Jury Prize and Audience Prize); Two at the Namur Film Festival (Discovery Award and Audience Award); Two in Fespaco (Silver Stallion and Voice Award); Grand Prize at the 39th Miami Film Festival for Miami-Dade College; Grand Prize for Fiction at the 20th International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) in Geneva; Best TV5 Québec-Canada Film Award at the 27th CINEMANIA Film Festival, among others.

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