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Locust Storm Lethbridge: “It’s crazy!”

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Oh my God… this is disgustingLethbridge resident Destiny MacLean shouted over the phone. There are hundreds and hundredsShe adds, unable to determine the breadth of this tide of locusts.

Locust invasions, the mother of the family saw others. Never like this year, though. I moved here about 20 years ago. There were a lot of grasshoppers, but not like our house now. This is madness!

Destiny MacLean says that these insects are more bad than harmful in her daily life. You want to go out for coffee, but you can’t. They are everywhere. All over.

I don’t like going out on my property […] I try not to think about it and close my eyes as I walk and tell myself ‘They won’t jump on me, they won’t jump on me’.

Quote from:Destiny MacLean, resident of Lethbridge

Maclean says the infestation is most noticeable on the outskirts of town or near fields. She says she should close doors, windows or mosquito nets in her home to avoid locusts in the house.

however, There’s always something that fits my entrance, Confie Destiny McLean. I always check my pocket or bag when I take my car [pour vérifier qu’il n’y en a pas sur moi].

Destiny McLean knows the creatures are harmless, but absolutely obnoxious when it comes to enjoying the backyard.

Photo: Destiny MacLean

Harmless to humans, yet insects wreak havoc in his garden: They ate peppers, peppers, cucumbers, but not tomatoes. They don’t seem to like tomatoesDefine with a touch of surprise.

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high temperatures

Warm temperatures and lack of rain during locust development cycles have led to their exploding numbers this summer. Among this evolution, the biotic locust is the most present species.

Eggs usually have a 2-3% survival rate to maintain the same population from year to year […], but with heat, this rate can be as high as 90%.says Dan Johnson, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Lethbridge.

Even smoke from wildfires has an effect on locusts. He says that insects prefer beautiful blue skies to navigate […] But with smoke, they stay in one place slowly eating crops, gardens or even meat.

Biray grasshopper on a pile of grass.

The Biray grasshopper becomes more insatiable as its body temperature increases.

Photo: Radio Canada

It also reveals that grasshoppers become more omnivorous when their body temperature is higher, which in turn causes them to grow faster. Everything works for them.

According to Mr Johnson, Biray Grasshopper will continue to devour anything that passes under his lower jaw until August.

It will be possible to see more until September, he adds, if warm temperatures continue.

Until then, the people of Lethbridge will have to patiently put up with their problems, but Destiny MacLean sees the glass as half full: It’s good to hear them sing at night.

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