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‘Extraordinary’ incident delays Dr. Eldebert Howard’s trial

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One of the alleged victims of Villa Ignatia founder pleaded guilty last week to trying to negotiate his silence.

The 33-year-old had gone to Villa Ignatia, after her alleged attack, to speak with General Manager Jacinthi Berthelot, who is also Dr. Howard’s wife.

From the alleged victim to the accused

According to the summary of the facts read to the court, she would have demanded $50,000 from him, otherwise she would have filed a complaint with the police for sexual assault.

Accused of extortion, the former villa resident finally pleads guilty to the charge of trying to get paid, by pledging to conceal a criminal act.

I got a conditional discharge in exchange for 50 hours of community service and test fulfillment.

When she testified at the 93-year-old doctor’s trial last November, she said she had never demanded $50,000 from the villa’s general manager.

Eldebert Howard with his attorney, May Susan Corivo, during his trial in November 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada / Yannick Bergeron

This twist prompted Dr. Eldebert Howard’s attorney to request that evidence be reopened at his trial, which has reached the pleadings stage.

It is very unusual I found Judge Mario Tremblay talking about an incident exceptional and unpredictable.

The prosecution told the judge that it did not rule out the possibility that the complainant would testify again so that she could explain her position.

The parties will return to court next month to assess the situation.


Eldebert Howard allegedly sexually assaulted seven women, and committed numerous groping.

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During his trial, which began last November, he denied any gesture of a sexual nature, acknowledging that he could have touched patients’ thighs or shoulders to form a bond as part of a therapeutic process.

As the trial continued, the attorneys agreed to file their submissions in writing.

Howard’s attorney, I, Susan Corivo, submitted a 250-page document to the court.

The Director of Criminal Prosecutions and Criminal Prosecutions, represented by B Genevieve Korevo, summarized his position in about sixty pages.

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